Western Association for Biofeedback and Neuroscience — Spring 2017 8 This past November, WABN ran its first two-track conference, which may be looked at as a turning point in the evo- lution of our field. The transformative technology movement is happening all around us but our field has been only peripherally involved. With little or no input from our field, this movement fre- quently focused on measuring and mod- ifying physiology, which we have been doing for almost 50 years. Consequently, we heard about a manufacturer who cap- italized on the Star War craze by creating a toy saber that glowed brighter when a child “felt the force.” To operate this toy, the child was instructed to place a sensor on his/her forehead and relax. As the child produced greater amounts (ampli- tude) of pre-frontal alpha (4-12 Hz), the saber glowed brighter. This “toy” was ac- tually a neurofeedback device that trained the child to increase frontal alpha. We know that this is rarely a good thing and was likely to be harmful. This is merely one example of how important it is for our field to be involved in the unfolding of future technology. Biofeedback devic- es will soon be integrated into our homes, automobiles, and workplaces, and we all stand to benefit from an integration of ex- pertise with innovation. Looking back, it was out of sheer arro- gance that we created a barrier to innova- tors and shut down dialogue with those in the transformative technology movement by requiring them to demonstrate scien- tific efficacy before they would be given the opportunity to speak to us. Although these innovators asked to present at our conferences in the past, there was no pathway open to them. What happened was, not unlike a tsunami, the technology movement washed over us and, unfortu- nately, in spite of us. I am hopeful that our conference is furthering the dialogue between our field and the broader com- munity of inventors and thinkers who, like us, see the value of measuring and modifying physiology. I am also hopeful other professional organizations, regional and national, will follow our lead. u Gary Schummer, PhD Past President From the Past-President