Western Association for Biofeedback and Neuroscience — Spring 2017 6 Hello members and welcome to the New Year! We are in full swing and these are exciting times for us. As the new Executive Director for WABN, I am THRILLED to be a part of this organiza- tion. I am a true believer that things don’t happen by accident, and what our brain is shaped to believe will manifest. Isn’t that in part what biofeedback and neurosci- ence tell us? First, some background about me. I am an assistant professor at a State Uni- versity in Chicago, IL. (As I write this, we have our first predicted storm advisory). I coordinate the Addictions Counseling program, a Master’s level program prepar- ing students to take the CADC (certified alcohol and drug counselor) and the first level of licensure as counselors. I also pro- vide clinical services. Currently I run two DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) groups and am transitioning my practice from individual therapy to tele-coaching in two areas of my expertise: stress and blocks to change. Biofeedback and neu- roscience have always interested me, par- ticularly within my interests of stress and yoga. In previous years, I have served as a consultant, where I was responsible to organize and coordinate conferences and free trainings on issues relating to sub- stance use and substance use disorders. I was the membership chair for the Inter- national Stress Management Association, and I also helped organize a conference between ISMA and the Biofeedback Fed- eration of Europe. Finally, I have been a newsletter editor and was responsible for obtaining articles, conducting an initial review, and coordinating with the pub- lisher. I love the balance I have among jug- gling my various roles and interests, and I love connecting with others. As I transi- tion and get comfortable with my role as the Executive Director of WABN, I will be reaching out to the board of directors and members who play a leadership role within the organization, so I may get to know each of you better and understand your interests. I also invite members to contact me so that I can learn how to help you in your day-to-day practice and education. We don’t succeed alone, and knowing you better will help me know how to serve you better. I am available to answer questions, chat, or connect about ideas to better ad- vance our association. My vision is to advance visibility of the organization to both professionals From the Executive Director