Western Association for Biofeedback and Neuroscience — Spring 2017 4 gun to reshape the identity of the orga- nization. In this way, WABN will better meet the advances in technology and neu- rosciences for professionals who practice the wide range of biofeedback activities while still maintaining our authenticity and longstanding legacy. These include integrating with other professional organizations and embracing the new integrative and transformative tech- nology movement. But we cannot stop here. Our organization needs to invite individuals from different disciplines to fully harness the power of technology and the mind. In a needs assessment that I performed by way of interviewing last year’s Board of Directors about the current needs and areas of growth, multiple areas of devel- opment were recommended. Three areas emerged as primary goals for the future of our organization. First, there is an immediate need for members and com- munity practitioners to engage and sup- port the operations of the organization. When members engage with WABN they advance their own professional and leadership development while con- tributing to the larger community. In fact, this letter can be viewed as a “call to action” for members and non-members to take a leadership role within an estab- lished mind-body tech-based society i.e., WABN. Second, in the biofeedback world, there exists a feeling of isolation and a need for integration with other profes- sional societies. Third, there is a strong desire to increase public awareness, pub- licity, and an online presence of our pro- fessional activities. With the leadership of our new Chair of Marketing and Public Relations, sustainable and creative ideas have emerged. I am hopeful that in this next year a strong marketing, advertising, and branding effort will clearly commu- nicate our aims and increase membership. In this way, our evidence-based education and training will reach out to a new gen- eration. Pertaining to each of the aforemen- tioned points are issues of funding and revenue streams. While this has been largely solved, it does not mean that we can simply rest; we must continue mem- ber recruitment, continue outreach to other disciplines and continue fund-rais- ing efforts in the 2017-2018 term. Member and non-member partic- ipation can solve many of the issues