Western Association for Biofeedback and Neuroscience — Spring 2017 46 notes, a talk from Dr. Barry Sterman is one that leaves a lasting imprint. Presentation: The Intersection of E.E.G./Neurotherapy and Neurotherapy and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Presenter: Tiffany Thompson, PhD Student reviewer: Katelyn Challman Dr. Thompson gave a thought-provoking talk on EEG neurotherapy and psychody- namic psychotherapy. She delved into Freudian and Jungian models of the psyche and showed a passion for the idea that individuals cannot be reduced down to a science. A person is both physiology and psychology. In addition, she described a theoretical model of EEG that she uses with her patients where different brain waves relate to dif- ferent parts of the mind explained by Freud and Jung. Dr. Thompson presented multi- ple examples of how this model works for many individuals she has treated. This mode of therapy is exciting because it is investigating the unconscious in a unique way--using physiological methods. Dr. Thompson’s talk instilled in the audience a better insight into the beauty and complexity that characterize humanity. Presentation: Neurofeedback Training for Autistic Spectrum Disorder Presenter: Gary Schummer, PhD & Siegfried Othmer, PhD Student reviewer: Katelyn Challman Drs. Schummer and Othmer delivered a succinct and interesting report on neurother- apy treatment options for those with autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Schummer began discussing the lack of regional connectivity within the brain, which can drive symptomology. There is both hyperconnectivity and hypoconnectivity within different parts of the brain, and these both contribute to this neurodevelopmental disorder. The goal of his therapy is to improve coherence. Dr. Schummer had multiple case examples to show the success of this therapy. Dr. Othmer continued the presentation by discuss- ing infra-low frequency training. During this treatment the patient is connected to the EEG system and observes his/her own physiological behavior, which can have pow- erful effects. Interestingly, this treatment can work for infants, which is amazing. Dr. Othmer shared outstanding and heartfelt case studies that revealed how effective this