Western Association for Biofeedback and Neuroscience — Spring 2017 39 Presentation: A Session with Sensie-Sensing: Your First Intuitive Response with an iPhone Presenter: Mike Dannheim Student reviewer: Lucia Foster-Engen, M.A., BCB Mike Dannheim co-founded the company that developed Sensie, a smartphone ap- plication designed to be the world’s first intuition training device. According to Dannheim, the only technology we need to use Sensie is in our bodies. With a simple exercise, he asked the audience to say “my name is” and say their real name and swal- low. Then he asked them to say “my name is” and say a name from the opposite sex and swallow. The audience members were surprised to realize it was harder to swallow after they said something that was not true. He argued that it was difficult to swallow after telling a lie because our muscles respond in specific ways when one is declaring a false or a correct statement. Dannheim then invited the audience to download Sensie to their iPhones and test the program. Sensie utilizes the whipping movement in the wrist, which calibrates the sensors to measure whether the individual is in or out of balance according to the state- ment he or she is making. As we said “alcohol is good for my body” while whipping the phone two or three times, the program would reveal that we were “not in balance with this topic” and as we stated “water is good for my body” with the same action, the program would reveal that we were “in balance.” The audience was engaged in the workshop; afterwards we could observe people whipping their phones to verify if they were in balance or not. Dannheim clearly was able to engage with the audience, and they responded positively. He and his team have been able to tap into a new technol- ogy with great prospects to help improve people’s health. He even suggested that new technologies such as the Apple watch can be utilized to capture movement, voice, and heartbeats. He is apparently right; as technology evolves and new gadgets and gizmos are created, we will be witnessing a revolution in how humans improve their lives and how new technologies can help us achieve our optimal health.